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  On January 17th, Richland County Animal Control removed 70 cats from a home in an Irmo subdivision. The conditions in the home were horrendous. Many of the animals were suffering from upper respiratory infections. The cats and kittens were taken to the City of Columbia Animal Shelter for evaluation and veterinary care. A sudden influx of this number of animals, many needing veterinary care, meant that the City would need help if these animals were to be saved.

ARC volunteers visited the shelter on January 27th and were able to take several of the cats home that day. Over the last couple of weeks, ARC volunteers have pulled 18 of the cats from the hoarding bust. We anticipate trying to pull a few more from the City of Columbia Animal Shelter in the next few days. We are very grateful to the fosters who have stepped up so far, but still would love a couple more people to foster so we can help a few more cats. Please e-mail us at if you can help. This is our biggest undertaking yet, so donations either financial or of supplies will be a huge help.

 orange tabby  

So glad to hear from the City that 44 of the seventy cats seized have so far found placement. Only 26 to go!!! The City of Columbia is also encouraging adopters to contact them directly. Call the City of Columbia Shelter at 803-776-7387 to ask about adopting.

A new fundraiser we are doing is through Fundinco where anyone shopping on Amazon can have 3% of their purchase donated to ARC by first going to the link below and then clicking on Shop Amazon! 

Here is the link:

Just go here first and then click on Shop Amazon and it takes you to the Amazon site.  Please spread the word!

  Come see our adoptable pets Saturdays (12-4) at the Harbison PetSmart!  Also, mark your calendars for the 2013 Petsmart Adoptathons: September 13-15, and November 15-17. 

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